Welcome! I know why you’re here!

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You’re here because you want your writing to be the best it can be.

Guess what? So do I!

Why do I care if you’re a better writer? A rising tide lifts all boats. The better the writing, the better the reading. For all of us. The better the community of writers we build, the more camaraderie. The more we’re not alone behind (in front of?) the keyboard. And, I like writers. When it comes to helping fellow writers, well, I can’t help myself!

I offer developmental editing for aspiring novelists and memoirists, published writers, dabblers, essayists, and everyone who wants an editor with a kind heart and keen eye working on their writing project.

A kind-hearted editor is not an oxymoron. Nor does it mean I won’t tell it like it is. But the best comment my clients have made to me (after saying I’ve helped them make their story better) is that I am encouraging, not discouraging. I can’t imagine a bigger compliment than someone saying I’ve encouraged and motivated them. Even, or perhaps especially, when their writing needs a lot of work.

Through conscientious and enthusiastic reading, feedback, critique, and editing I can help you take your writing to the next level.

That means I don’t rewrite your work. That’s your job. If you want to hire a ghostwriter, I can do that too, but chances are you want to write your own stories. Therefore, I can help you write, revise and polish story structure, character arcs, plot holes, dialogue, foreshadowing, pace, themes, backstory and anything else to do with your novel, memoir, short story, or essay. I’ll make  corrections where necessary, pointing out what’s missing or confusing and why, suggesting how you might accomplish your goals. I’ll also use tips and tricks so that you can fine tune your writing now, and in the future.

This is called developmental editing. Copy editing is the nitty gritty, down and dirty editing of grammar, spelling, etc. I do light copy editing only as part of the developmental editing process. If you work is has a lot of grammar, spelling, and formatting issues, your best bet is fixing those before you head into a developmental edit. Those mistakes really detract from the story.

Whether it’s your first fifty pages or full manuscript, I can assist you in getting your words ready for an agent or editor, for self-publishing, or just improving it for your own peace of mind.

Ready to get started? Me too. Browse around the site then send me a note!

amysuenathan at gmail dot com

Just add “Editing” to the subject line and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!